BORDER OF MEXICO How many years that I'm driftin' away? And how many hearts that beg me to stay? Now that my dreams They've all come undone I say the last goodbye When it has just begun How many miles Through God forsaken towns? And how many skies Watched the sun goin' down I know it's not over Like the sea it has no end As time turns a lover Into just another friend So tired to walk this street alone In no man's land I feel like a Wayward Son And I'm here So lost without it, can't live without it No love that leads me home   There's always a gold At the end of the rainbow There's always a sun at the end of the storm Please just tell me where Is the end of the rainbow Please just let me go to the border of Mexico Wherever I go a spark will remain All the things that I've done Won't be ever washed away Far across the ocean A young heart is bleeding Like a whisper in the wind A promise with no meaning